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Swimming Spots

Golden sandy beaches, unique red sands, and rocky shores, the Maltese Islands offer any type of swimming spot imaginable! The Islands also have a number of Blue Flag Beaches, an Award for exceptional water quality, accessible facilities, services, and sustainable operations. Get ready to jump into the crystal-clear blue seas any time of year, thanks to Malta’s vast connectivity and favourable climate! Go on, bask in the 300 days of Maltese sunshine, and relax in the pristine Mediterranean sea!

Golden Bay

Situated on Malta’s breathtaking northwest coastline, a stone’s throw from the stunning village of Manikata, Golden Bay is one of the Island’s most popular beaches. And it’s easy to see why!

With glorious red sands, spectacularly clear water, and breathtaking views, this delightful swim spot is truly a sight to behold!

Surrounded by glorious golden dunes, the beach is blessed with a vast expanse of silky russet sand, leaving one spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to sit. With sunbeds available, and kiosks selling a range of tasty snacks, Golden Bay might be the ideal swimming spot for you.

Whilst its inviting turquoise waters are ideal for swimming and snorkeling, for those wanting a bit more action, there are a number of activities on offer too.

A Blue Flag beach, Golden Bay guarantees high standards of cleanliness and services, to help make your day at the seaside the best it can be. Easily accessible via a number of bus routes, this delightful bay is one beach you certainly don’t want to miss!

Anchor Bay

Gloriously situated on the Island’s Northwest coast, stunning Anchor Bay is one of Malta’s most charming rocky beaches. Famous for its magnificent azure waters, picturesque scenery, and intriguing network of caves, the bay also served as the film set of the 1980’s film Popeye.

Surrounded by stunning rocky slopes, the bay remains blissfully secluded, despite the popularity of the neighbouring Popeye’s Village.

Yet, with refreshment kiosks and other facilities mere metres away at the attraction, visitors have everything they need in close proximity.

With crystal clear waters bursting with an awesome array of marine life, Anchor Bay is ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

A diver’s paradise too, it is home to the partially submerged, Scorpion Cave, and is known for its splendid swim-throughs and sea bed dotted with anchors.

The perfect place to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of Malta’s enchanting Northern seascape, a dip in Anchor Bay is sure to go down swimmingly.

Inland Sea

A small enclosed bay at Dwejra Point, the Inland Sea is connected to the open sea through a large tunnel that stretches to approximately 80 meters.

This tunnel is only 6 meters deep at the beginning of a dive, then immediately drops down to 15 meters, finally reaching down to 25 meters at the seabed.

The area is visited often by fishermen and bathers alike. This is also a popular diving spot since the marine life here is quite abundant.

Overlooking the lagoon is the Chapel of St. Anne, built in 1963 on the site of a much older church.

Armier Bay

Known for its crystal clear waters, Armier Bay is situated on the shore of an open bay on the Northernmost tip of Malta. A delightfully secluded sandy beach, it is a popular picnic and swim spot among locals, and offers breathtaking views of Gozo and Comino across the stunning channel.

The bay is made up of two picturesque beaches, Armier and Little Armier, and its shimmering turquoise waters are often compared to those of Comino’s Blue Lagoon.

Whilst both beaches are ideal for swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing, for those wishing for a bit more aquatic adventure, there are a number of other exciting water sports and activities on offer too!

With its gradual slope into the sea and initial shallow waters, the bay is extremely family friendly. And with silky yellow sand covering both beaches, there is plenty of space for sunbathing.

The perfect place to unwind and enjoy a day at the seaside, delightful Amier Bay is a Mediterranean paradise!

Balluta Bay

Situated on the cusp of Sliema and St Julians, on Malta’s stunning Northeast coast, charming Balluta Bay is a small sandy beach and a much favoured swim spot among both locals and visitors. Famous for its unique emerald waters and soft sands, it’s a delightful place to pause, unwind, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

The bay’s clear waters, illuminated by its silver sandy bed, are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, whilst the smooth flat rocks surrounding the beach make for some pretty spectacular sunbathing too. Shallow, for at least 15 metres, Balluta Bay offers a safe seaside experience for children and families. And with toilets on site, as well as refreshment kiosks nearby, there is certainly no shortage of facilities.

Mere metres from the plethora of splendid restaurants adorning the glorious promenade, the beach is also perfect for a pre or postprandial dip!

A superb and convenient place to test the Maltese waters, a visit to Balluta bay is highly recommended!

Daħlet Qorrot

Nestled between the cliffs, not far from the town of Nadur, stunning Daħlet Qorrot is one of Gozo’s best-kept secrets. A secluded pebbly inlet known for its clear rippling waters and magnificent scenery, it’s the ideal place to unwind, test the waters and partake in some serious sea gazing.

Surrounded by lush countryside, Daħlet Qorrot is a favoured area among hikers, and the beach makes for a refreshing stop-off on any country walk.

Superb for swimming and snorkelling, the bay’s sheltered waters are teeming with spectacular sea life, whilst its intriguing caves make it a hit among divers too.

Of course, one of Daħlet Qorrot’s most unique features has to be its caves, serving as boathouses, each with its own colourful door, still very much in use by local fishermen.

With smooth flat rocks and a quayside to recline on, there is certainly heaps of space for sunbathing too.

A delightful place for a dip at any time of day, breathtaking Daħlet Qorrot is well worth checking out!

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay and Paradise Bay Hotel Beach are two sandy beaches at the northernmost tip of the island, close to the quay where the Gozo ferry operates a daily shuttle service.

This hotel beach is a quiet spot that offers tranquillity, as well as a great view of the island of Comino and its imposing tower.

It is open to both the public and the hotel residents.

Little Armier

This beautiful sandy beach can be found in the northern tip of the island, facing Comino. It lies right next to a larger beach, called Armier Bay.

The sides flanking this beach are rocky, and the water in this area is crystal clear. The road leading to the beach and the beach backdrop offer views of typical Maltese agriculture with rubble walls and the occasional girna (corbelled stone hut).

The beach is equipped with adequate services for day tourists, which include water sports activities.

St Peter’s Pool

Found at the tip of Delimara Point, just off the tall chimney tower next to Marsaxlokk Bay, this is a popular swimming spot with locals and tourists alike. This natural pool is surrounded by a large flat slab, which is perfect for sunbathing.

It is not easy to reach, but if you follow the rough track towards where a sign says St Peter’s Pool, you will be rewarded with an unobstructed view of the beautiful blue-green waters that make this a well-loved bathing spot.

To enter the water, you can either use one of the ladders available, or even dive off the smooth rock surface.

A fantastic place to enjoy some snorkelling, or a leisurely swim.

The Blue Lagoon

Often deemed the most beautiful spot in the Mediterranean, the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon certainly live up to their name. Nestled in the channel between Comino and Cominotto, and easily accessible from both Malta and Gozo, a dip in this spectacular swim spot is an absolute must!

With a sandy beach on the island of Comino, and a larger one on Cominotto, the splendid turquoise waters are the crowning glory of this idyllic swimspot.

A mere 25 minutes away from Malta by ferry, there are also day boat trips available, treating visitors to a tour of the caves and allowing them the luxury of plunging into the glorious waters from any point in the channel.

Though blissfully untainted by the spoils of the modern world, there are sunbeds and umbrellas available, as well as beach kiosks selling refreshments.

Swimmer or not, you’re sure to be seduced by the peace and tranquility of this charming Mediterranean oasis. Why else would visitors keep returning time and time again?

Dwejra Bay

Situated on the Southwest coast of Gozo, Dwejra Bay is one the Island’s hidden gems. With Dramatic coastal formations, spectacular sea views, and crystal clear waters teeming with sea life, this bay offers a unique swimming experience!

Whether it’s the calm shallow waters of the Bay, the deep azure waters of the Inland Sea, or the spectacular waters around its Blue Hole you choose to swim in, Dwejra has options for every swimmer.

The Bay is also home to Fungus Rock, which was heavily guarded by the Knights of St John in days gone by. A plant with unique medicinal properties was believed to grow there, which used to heal the wounds of the knights.

Not just a swimming spot, but a sightseeing opportunity too, visitors to Dwejra may also enter its marvellous Tower, used to defend Dwejra’s unguarded coast in the 17th century.

With history, views and spectacular swimming; what more could one want from a swimming spot?

Perched Beach

Perched Beach is a man made beach, built to enhance the swimming experience on what was formerly sharp rock. This beach allows one to enjoy stunning sea views, whilst basking in the luxury of its silky smooth sands.

Whilst its crystal clear seas boast some of the most splendid swimming Malta has to offer, for those wishing to up the ante a bit, there are other activities available such as parasailing and wakeboarding.

With an awesome array of amenities on-site, when it comes to refreshment, one is spoilt for choice. There are also sunbeds and umbrellas available, making for a safer, more comfortable seaside experience.

With sun, sea, safety and fun, Perched Beach has everything one wants from a day at the beach – and so much more!

Ġnejna Bay

Nestled on Malta’s glorious western coastline, a stone’s throw from the village of Mġarr, lies one of Malta’s quietest and most beloved swimming spots. Famous for its stunning clay slopes, unique orange sands, and crystal clear waters, Ġnejna Bay is one of the most untainted beaches the Island has to offer!

With its stunning clay slopes encasing the exquisite sands of the beach below, the first glimpse of Ġnejna is a breathtaking one.

After making a steep descent, when it comes to setting up camp, with silky soft sand or flat smooth limestone to choose from, one’s truly spoilt for choice.

And with sunbeds and other amenities available too, visitors are sure to find anything they desire.

It’s not just the beach that’s fantastic though. Its calm azure waters make for some truly spectacular swimming and snorkelling.

And if that’s not enough, there’s an exciting array of activities on offer too.

For a swimming experience that’s second to none, Ġnejna Bay is well worth dipping your toe into!

Għajn Tuffieħa Bay

Situated on Malta’s stunning North West coast, it’s easy to see why Għajn Tuffieħa (or ‘Apple’s Eye) got its name! With its idyllic setting and awesome sea views, it will soon become the apple of your eye too! With its splendid red sands and endless clear seas, it is everything you want on a beach, and more!

Seen from the top of the steps leading down to the beach, one’s first impression of Għajn Tuffieħa Bay, with its glorious cliffs and clay slopes surrounding its awesome red sands, is sure to be a lasting one.

After making a descent, the delights of the beach await you. Though many prefer to sit directly on the sand, there are sunbeds available.

Along with spectacular swimming, for those wanting a bit more action, there are a number of activities on offer too.

A Blue Flag beach guarantees high standards of cleanliness and services, and with snack bars and restaurants, you’ll want for nothing more during your day at the seaside.

Guaranteed to make a splash, why not dip your toe into Għajn Tuffieħa?!

Fond Għadir

For a swimming experience like no other, take a trip to Fond Għadir! Splendidly located just a stone’s throw away from Sliema’s fantastic array of shops, restaurants and cafes, this delightful beach is ideal for anyone wishing to round off their day in town with a splash!

Mere footsteps from the magnificent promenade, with its clear, turquoise waters and breathtaking views, this beach offers everything one could want from a swimming spot … and infinitely more!

A Blue Flag beach, ensuring high standards of cleanliness, amenities, toilets, food kiosks, and within reach, you’ll want for nothing during your swim!

With the sheltered bathing pools carved into the rocks as well as deep open seas to choose from, Fond Għadir is ideal for any type of swimmer.

And being a smooth rocky beach, you can spread your towel out wherever you want, without having to shake any sand off when it’s time to go home! With sun, sea, and rocks galore, you’re sure to be fond of Fond Għadir!

Ħondoq Ir-Rummien

Idyllically situated on Gozo’s glorious southeast coast, Ħondoq ir-Rummien is a much favoured swimming spot among Gozitans and it’s easy to see why. Truly delightful, this picturesque beach holds some of the most spectacular views and splendid swimming the Maltese Islands have to offer.

With its excellent visibility and countless small coves, the beach is particularly good for snorkelling. And as far as swimming options go, whether you prefer a gradual descent into the sea along its pebbly shore or a bracing plunge off the rocks, a splendid swim is always guaranteed!

Though part of its appeal lies in the unspoiled countryside surrounding it, it is by no means lacking the basic amenities.

With sunbeds, restrooms, and food kiosks, as well as water sports available, one’s sure to want for nothing during their day at the seaside.

Truly delightful in every way, a visit to Ħondoq ir-Rummien is sure to go down swimmingly!


One of the Island’s most popular seaside resorts, Buġibba is situated on the picturesque North coast. Known for its magnificent promenade, superb nightlife, and spectacular views of St Paul’s Island, the area is also home to a couple of Malta’s most breathtaking swim spots.

Popular among locals, Qawra Point, is a sheltered rocky beach, known for its clear calm waters. Carpeted with smooth flat rocks ideal for sunbathing, it is home to a shallow natural rockpool, ideal for fledgling swimmers.

Nearby Perched Beach provides a sandy haven on an otherwise rocky coastline and is extremely family-friendly. Perched, as the name suggests, above the sealine, the beach is made of artificial sand and provides easy access to the sea. Like Qawra Point, it is a Blue Flag Beach, meaning high standards of cleanliness are guaranteed, and there are food kiosks and other amenities nearby.

A splashingly good place to test the local waters, charming Buġibba is a seaside gem!

Marsalforn Bay

A picturesque bay on Gozo’s North coast, Marsalforn Bay is a favored swimming and diving spot among locals! With a glorious promenade, endless turquoise sea, and stunning hills on either side, it’s the perfect place to test the waters, and enjoy a day at the seaside!

A small sandy beach flanked by smooth flat rocks on either side, when it comes to sunbathing, one’s truly spoilt for choice. And as far as swimming is concerned, whether it’s a gradual descent via its pebbly shore or an energetic plunge off the rocks, a swim in its crystal clear waters certainly does not disappoint!

Being a Blue Flag Beach; accessibility, high standards of cleanliness and services are guaranteed. And with a number of exciting water sports available, as well as a splendid array of restaurants and bars dotted along its promenade, you’ll find everything you need at your fingertips.

Truly delightful in every way, a trip to this splendid beach is sure to make a splash!

Mġarr Ix-Xini

Up for a plunge into paradise? With clear turquoise waters, soft pebbly sand, and awesome views, Gozo‘s picturesque Mġarr-ix-Xini certainly comes close. Though a popular swimming and diving spot, it’s setting within a steep-sided valley makes it one of Malta’s most secluded beaches, and the ideal place to relax!

A delightful pebbly beach flanked by steep rock on either side, access to the sea is easy in this gem of bay. And when you do take the plunge, you won’t be disappointed, as its blue waters, bursting with marine life offer ideal conditions for snorkeling, diving, and photography.

Not just stunning but steeped in history too, the bay was used by the Knights of Malta as a hiding spot during the Siege of Malta, and today remains guarded by a splendid sixteenth-century watchtower, built to protect the Island from the Turks.

Despite receiving recognition as the backdrop for the film By the Sea, the beach has not lost its blissful tranquility and is the ideal place to while away a lazy Gozitan afternoon!

Wied Il-Għasri

A lush valley on Gozo’s picturesque North coast, Wied il-Għasri is one Malta’s greatest seaside treasures. Blissfully secluded, the inlet is wedged between two high cliffs, and is known for its spectacular scenery, dramatic rock formations, and calm azure waters.

A haven for those seeking a bit of seaside tranquility, the valley’s small beach is ideal for sunbathing and relaxing, whilst its gradual pebbly slope offers easy access to the sea.

Popular among divers and snorkelers, the Bay is home to a fascinating network of underwater caves and an abundance of marine life. Particularly intriguing is a cave with a shaft stretching up to the top of the steep cliffs.

This was used, in days gone by, to hoist buckets of water in order to fill the neighboring salt pans. Truly charming in every way, magical Wied il-Għasri offers a taste of the Gozitan seaside at its very best!

Mistra Bay

Situated on the edge of a valley, on Malta’s breathtaking Northwest coast, Mistra Bay is a secluded pebbly beach and a favoured swimspot among locals. Known for its lush botanical surroundings, and nearby fish pens, the beach is the perfect place for relaxing, paddling and seeing a bit of local beach life!

A captivating marriage of history and nature, the bay’s rugged coastline is dotted with quirky caves, which were once used as a lookout point, a fisherman’s shelter, and a burial site, whilst an adjacent hill is home to an 18th-century fortification!

The beach is also home to a small alcove in which numerous plant species thrive.

Sheltered from the elements by its surrounding landscape, Mistra Bay’s clear turquoise waters are spectacularly calm and ideal for swimmers of all abilities, whilst its gradual pebbly slope makes the sea easily accessible.

Coastal tranquility at its best, breathtaking Mistra Bay is guaranteed to enchant you.

Ramla Bay

Looking for the perfect place to enjoy a day at the splendid Gozitan seaside? Look no further than magnificent Ramla Bay! Situated at the bottom of a lush valley, surrounded by rugged hillside, this coastal gem is one of Malta’s most breathtaking beaches!

With its name, Ramla l-Ħamra, translating to ‘red sand’, these unique sands are just one of the many things that make this beach so popular. Along with its outstanding views, the clear azure waters are ideal for swimming and snorkelling, and offer a reassuringly gradual descent into the sea.

Not just stunning but steeped in history too, the bay was home to an ornate Roman villa perched high in the hills, before being used as a defense point by the Knights of Malta, who built a battery to ward off invaders. Visitors are greeted by a statue of a Madonna, a testament to the devoutness of the Maltese people.

A captivating taste of Gozo’s coastal charm, a visit to Ramla Bay is sure to go down swimmingly!

Pretty Bay

Looking for a beach the whole family will enjoy? Look no further than Pretty Bay! Very much living up to its name, Pretty Bay is a sandy beach situated in the seaside town of Birżebbuġa. Extremely popular among locals, the bay is known for its clear azure waters and spectacular views!

With its vast expanse of yellow sand and gradual slope into the water, the beach is ideal for families. And with the added bonus of a playground and football pitch on site, there’s certainly heaps to keep its younger visitors entertained!

Pretty Bay’s clear calm waters make for excellent swimming and snorkelling, whilst for those seeking a bit more aquatic excitement, there are a number of exhilarating water activities available too.

Conveniently situated mere metres away from a promenade dotted with shops, cafes and restaurants, you certainly won’t have to walk far for refreshments.

A glorious day at the seaside for one and all, charming Pretty Bay is certainly worth checking out!


Dotted with charming cafes, and a quirky melange of old and new shops, Sliema is a bustling town that oozes local charm. Another thing that makes this vibrant locality so appealing however, is that no matter where you happen to be, you’re never more than a few minutes from the sea!

The shoreline spanning from Qui-si-sana round to St Julian’s is carpeted with large areas of flat rock, ideal for working on one’s tan or for a refreshing plunge into the sea.

The largest of these, Fond Għadir, offers shallow natural rock pools, in addition to bracing open sea. The same can be said of the smaller Qui-si-sana beach located at the end of the promenade.

If you’re looking for a sandy beach, Exiles is a good choice, with both sandy and rocky options, as is Balluta Bay, a small family-friendly beach replenished with sand.

Whatever type of seaside experience you’re looking for, with so many breathtaking beaches to choose from, you’re sure to find it in Sliema!


Situated in the bustling seaside resort of Marsalforn, charming Qbajjar is a coastal gem. Known for its clear azure waters and breathtaking scenery, this beach is a favoured picnic and swimspot among locals, and the ideal place to test the glorious Gozitan waters at any time of day!

A shallow pebbly beach flanked by stretches of flat rock on either side, Qbajjar is suited to swimmers of all abilities. With excellent visibility and an array of magnificent sea life, the beach is a popular diving spot, especially among beginners not wishing to descend to great depths. Though blissfully unspoilt, with bars, shops and restaurants lining the seafront, refreshment is never far away.

Steeped in history as well as beauty, the beach is just around the corner from the breathtaking salt pans, hewn out of the rocks many centuries ago for the collection of sea salt.

A unique and authentic Gozitan seaside experience, a visit to Qbajjar beach sure to make a splash!

St Nicholas Bay

Tucked into the breathtaking Northern coastline of the tiny island of Comino, stunning St Nicholas Bay is one of Malta’s best-kept secrets. Known for its clear azure waters and picturesque views, this blissfully secluded beach is a mere 20 minutes walk from the Island’s Blue Lagoon.

The bay consists of two small sandy beaches. Both of these offer gentle descents into the sea and are extremely family friendly.

With deep and shallow waters to choose from, it is ideal for swimming and snorkeling, whilst its excellent visibility and abundance of marine life make it a popular choice among divers as well. Though its smooth white sands are excellent for sunbathing, for those seeking a bit more aquatic action, there are a number of exhilarating water sports on offer too. Famous for its wildlife and spectacular scenery, the area is perfect for country walks at any time of year.

An idyllic day at the seaside for one and all, a dip in St Nicholas Bay is not to be missed!

St Paul’s Bay

Situated on Malta’s breathtaking North coast, St Paul’s Bay is one of Malta’s largest seaside towns. Originally a fishing village, the area is known for its promenade stretching all the way to Qawra, and offers spectacular views of St Paul’s Island, where the Apostle is said to have been shipwrecked in 60 AD.

The bay’s coast is dotted with a number of rocky bathing spots, ideal for swimming as well as snorkeling.

The largest beach in the area is Ta’ Fra Ben. A sheltered rocky beach, it offers excellent deep sea swimming as well as a shallow naturally-formed rock pool. The nearby Perched Beach is sandy and extremely family friendly. Like Ta’ Fra Ben, it is a Blue Flag Beach, ensuring high standards of cleanliness and services. For those craving a more secluded bathing experience, Imġiebaħ, on the way to Mellieħa, is a tiny unspoilt sandy beach in a cove surrounded by rocky hills.

A charming locality and the ideal place to test the Maltese waters, a dip in St Paul’s Bay is a must!

Mellieħa Bay

Looking for a beach the whole family can enjoy? Look no further than stunning Mellieħa Bay! Perched on the Island’s breathtaking North Coast, a stone’s throw from the picturesque town of Mellieħa, with endless sand and views which are second to none, there are few better places to while away a carefree afternoon!

Picturesque setting aside, with 50 metres of shallow water making for a gradual descent into the sea, this sheltered bay is also one of the safest and most family friendly beaches the Island has to offer.

And with splendid swimming and snorkelling conditions for those wishing to venture deeper, not to mention an array of exhilarating water sports too, there’s plenty to keep everybody happy! Being a Blue Flag beach, high standards of cleanliness and services are guaranteed. Along with sunbeds and umbrellas available for rental, there are a number of kiosks selling an array of drinks and snacks as well.

A veritable seaside paradise, a trip to this awesome beach is sure to make a splash!


Situated on Malta’s breathtaking South East coast, Birżebbuġa is a small but flourishing seaside town, and a favoured swim spot among locals. Built around the aptly named Pretty Bay, it is surrounded by a walkway extending across the beach to the neighbouring St George’s Bay.

Both bays are home to superb beaches.

Stunning George’s Bay is famous for its prehistoric cartruts running along its shoreline. The beach’s smooth flat rocks are perfect for sunbathing, whilst its clear azure waters make for excellent swimming and snorkeling. Neighbouring Pretty Bay is a large sandy beach and is extremely family friendly. In addition to its initially shallow waters, it is also home to a playground and football pitch, ideal for keeping young visitors amused. One is never far from refreshment at either beach, with an array of cafes and kiosks dotting the promenade mere metres away.

Whichever bay one chooses in Birżebbuġa, a glorious day at the seaside is always guaranteed!

Kalanka Bay

Situated within the parameters of Marsaxlokk, tucked into Malta’s South coast, breathtaking Kalanka Bay is one of Malta’s seaside gems. Blissfully unspoilt, the beach is known for its smooth flat rocks, picturesque views, and exhilaratingly sheer drops into the sea.

With deep crystal clear waters abounding with marine life, Kalanka Bay is ideal for swimming, snorkelling, and exhilarating plunges into the sea, whilst its smooth flat rocks are the perfect spot for sunbathing, picnicking or simply watching the sunrise.

Steeped in history, the bay is home to the magnificent Il-Kalanka Lighthouse and is not far from the unique Il-Kalanka tal-Gidien Saltpans.

Delightfully uncrowded, the beach offers a taste of seaside tranquility at its best, and is certainly worth a visit!

St George’s Bay

Searching for a bit of seaside paradise? Look no further than breathtaking St George’s Bay! A stone’s throw from the excitement of Paceville, with views that are second to none, this beach offers a taste of seaside tranquility amidst the exhilarating buzz of Malta’s active nightlife.

Popular among language students, families and tourists staying in the area, this delightful sandy beach is ideal for sunbathing, sea-gazing and snorkelling, and is the perfect place to chill out in the afternoon, in anticipation of the evening’s excitement ahead.

As a blue flag beach, high standards of cleanliness, services and amenities are guaranteed, and there is always a lifeguard on site during peak swimming hours in the Summer months. There are also numerous restaurants, shops,and snack bars mere metres away.

Whether it’s a morning paddle, an afternoon sunbathe or a sunset drink you’re after, picturesque St George’s Bay is just the place!

Ghar Lapsi

Nestled below the dramatic Dingli Cliffs, not far from the village of Siġgiewi, Għar Lapsi is a stunning naturally formed swimming pool, and a beloved swimspot among locals. Famous for its 40 metre cave and shimmering turquoise waters, the cove also boasts breathtaking views of the island of Filfla.

With a name translating to Cave of the Ascension, this blissfully secluded bay was named after a shrine dedicated to Jesus’ famous ascent into Heaven situated within its caves.

Sheltered by the surrounding cliffs, its calm waters are excellent for swimming and snorkeling. With a reef bursting with sea life, and a network of intriguing caves, the beach is popular among divers too.

Whilst its surrounding rugged terrain is ideal for breathtaking countryside hikes at any time of year, the beach’s smooth flat rocks are the perfect place to sunbathe, unwind or enjoy a spectacular Maltese sunset.

Well worth exploring at any time of year, a dip in Għar Lapsi is strongly recommended!

Qawra Point

Qawra Point is the southern tip of St. Paul’s Bay, and it’s the site where a large Roman anchor was recovered from the sea.

The profile drops slowly at first, and the monotony of Posidonia meadows gives way to a steep slope to 40 metres.  For sun, sea and fun on the rocks, head to stunning Qawra Point!