The Maltese Islands are truly the perfect destination for anyone wishing to further their studies, no matter what level they seek.

To start off with, what more could anyone ask for than to study in a country whose climate averages 300 days of sun a year? Motivation to get all work done, so that you can bask in the sun afterwards!

The Maltese Islands are officially bilingual, meaning that both Maltese and English are official languages of the country. This is a great reason and incentive for people to choose the Maltese Islands as their education destination.

Whether you want to improve your English language skills, learn a specialised trade through MCAST or get a tertiary degree, (or anything in between), this Malta has it offered. A fantastic additional bonus is that all qualifications that are awarded in Malta are internationally recognised! With so many activities, choosing Malta to study means that you will not only be getting a world class education, but also a fantastic trip full of adventure and history!

With a huge variety of educational offers, accommodation choices, activities and more, studying in Malta is definitely the way to go!

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English Schools in Malta

English Schools in Malta

Licensed English Language Schools In Malta There are currently 35 licensed ELT Schools in Malta and Gozo. Malta can boast that both its ELT profession and sector are well structured and closely monitored, being the first and practically only language-learning destination in the world with legislation that assures…

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English Classes

English Language Training in Malta

Malta is the number one destination for English language learning for all ages. Whether you want to learn English for the first time or further your prowess to help you move forward in the business world, Malta can help you achieve your goals!By choosing Malta as your English language…

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Where is Malta?

Malta FAQ

Where is Malta? The island-state of Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea, South of Sicily (Italy). It consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino, of which Malta is the largest island. How many people live in the Maltese Islands? We have a population of about 514,564 (2019…