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What is an IELTS course?

An IELTS course is а training program designed to familiarize you with the exam format in order to develop confidence and pass the test with the highest possible score. An IELTS preparation courses also allow you to improve your basic English language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This, in turn, involves enriching your vocabulary and studying English grammar.

General IELTS preparation

General IELTS preparation is a course through which you can pass the exam to confirm your knowledge of English at the B1-C2 level. At the same time the training has a general focus. Thus, there is a detailed study of all the examination components. This program is suitable for immigration to English-speaking countries, as well as for employment in global companies.

Academic IELTS preparation

An academic IELTS preparation program is aimed at getting students ready for the exam for the B1-C2 level and entering higher education institutions abroad. All tasks are thoroughly analyzed, so that students fully understand the system and strategy of the IELTS exam.

Why take an IELTS preparation course?

There are two reasons for you to take an IELTS exam course. The first is to confirm your English level in case it is required for work or study. The second reason is to set a target for yourself. After you have reached an upper-intermediate level it may be hard to continue studies as the progress becomes not so obvious and rapid as it used to be. So even if you do not have to prove your English level but still would like to obtain a strong command of English you may consider taking an IELTS preparation course to be immersed in a stimulating learning environment and achieve better results.

IELTS course components

Preparation for the IELTS exam is based on the development of all the necessary language skills, which are used in standard situations. By expanding them, your confidence and abilities improve, too.

Exercises and tasks are tailored precisely to the nature of the exam. Students are acquainted in advance with the tasks and difficulties that they will have to face at the IELTS examination.

Ielts listening preparation

IELTS listening test is the same for both Academic and General Training tests. In order to familiarize yourself with ielts listening tasks, during the course you will learn to listen and understand:

  1. conversations between two people in an everyday context
  2. monologues in an everyday social context
  3. conversations between up to four people in an educational context
  4. monologues on an academic subject, such as a lecture at university

Ielts speaking preparation

The best way to improve your speaking skills and boost your IELTS speaking score is taking an IELTS test preparation course and practise your speaking skills with expert IELTS teachers.

IELTS speaking coaching aims at involving you in a very IELTS exam-like conditions. The topics and level of difficulty are the same as at the real IELTS exam.

Ielts reading preparation

This will enhance your reading skills to improve your IELTS reading performance. An IELTS course carries you through very IELTS exam-like tasks with the same level of difficulty.

IELTS writing preparation

In order to get prepared for an IELTS writing test you will learn to write pitches in a formal style.

  1. You will be coached to describe some visual information in your own words, explain data, describe a process by stages, explain how something works and write about an object or event for IELTS Academic writing, task 1. Or to write a letter for IELTS General writing, task 1.
  2. You will be coached to write pitches on a point of view, an argument or a problem for IELTS writing, task 2.
  3. IELTS writing test preparation is essential to make your pitches match all the scored areas: task response, coherence and cohesion, vocabulary, grammatical range and accuracy. 

IELTS preparation course: students in class

Formats of IELTS preparation courses and what is the best way to study for IELTS?

English in Malta Booking offers different course formats to prepare for IELTS. These are:

  • Group intensive IELTS course
  • Private IELTS preparation course
  • Combination IELTS courses
  • IELTS online classes


Group IELTS course

A group intensive IELTS course consists of two types of lessons. The 1st is a General English course of 20 academic hours per week aimed at increasing your English level in terms of fluency and confidence. The 2nd is 10 academic hours per week dedicated to the IELTS exam and improving an IELTS score.

Course key facts

  • 30 lessons per week: 20 General English + 10 IELTS
  • Class size: 12 
  • Course start dates: every Monday
  • Age: 16+
  • €335 per week for 1-7 week courses
  • €270 per week for 8-20 week courses (free upgrade from Intensive English to IELTS prep)
  • €240 per week for 21+ week courses (free upgrade from Intensive English to IELTS prep)

Private IELTS preparation course

This option is the most flexible and can be ideal for students who need personal attention. Ask us about the most winning approaches to arrange your study plan!

Course key facts

  • 5 – 30 lessons per week
  • Class size: 1 
  • Course start dates: every Monday
  • Age: 16+
  • €235 for 5 private lessons per week
  • €400 for 10 private lessons per week


Combination IELTS courses

Combining group classes and individual lessons, you can gain all the following benefits: the overall course price, individual attention and efficiency.

Course key facts

  • 25 – 30 lessons per week: 20 General English + 5-10 Private IELTS lessons
  • Class size: 12 for General English and 1 for Private IELTS lessons
  • Course start dates: every Monday
  • Age: 16+
  • €235 for 5 private lessons per week
  • €400 for 10 private lessons per week
  • €220 per week for 1-7 week General English courses
  • €205 per week for 8-20 week General English courses
  • €190 per week for 21+ week General English courses


IELTS online classes

This IELTS course can be taken as a private course with an experienced teacher who leads you to the IELTS score you need to achieve.

Course key facts

  • 10 – 20 lessons per week
  • Class size: 1 
  • Course start dates: every Monday
  • Age: 16+
  • €370 for 10 lessons per week


IELTS course duration

240 academic hours is the recommended course volume. It can be taken as a full-time 8-week course of 30 lessons per week or as a part-time online course of 6 or more lessons per week. 30 lessons is the minimum. In case your English level needs to be improved significantly, before taking the IELTS exam course it is advisable to start with a General English course.

Ielts exam course students

What is the minimal English level required to prepare for the IELTS examination?

There are no English level requirements for IELTS takers, but there is no reason to take the exam without a significant score. So it is expected that preparation for IELTS may be recommended for students at B1 – C2 English levels.

IELTS preparation case

Alisa started her IELTS prep course in September, 2021 taking 10 online private lessons per week. She has been doing fine. At the end of December her IELTS teacher reports that expectedly she can take the exam in February as the student still needs to polish her writing skills to gain the targeted score.

Ielts course students

Ielts course students

How widely is IELTS recognized?

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam is jointly ‘owned’ by the British Council, IDP Education (Australia) and Cambridge English Language Assessment. It is an exam that has been around since 1989 and is taken by two million people each year in more than 130 different countries. An IELTS certificate is valid for two years and often requested by employers or educational institutions to measure your language level.