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Malta is the number one destination for English language learning for all ages. Whether you want to learn English for the first time or further your prowess to help you move forward in the business world, Malta can help you achieve your goals!

By choosing Malta as your English language location, you will be fully immersing yourself in a country that has English as one of its two official languages. This means that students will need to communicate on a daily basis for even the most basic of things. This, together with top-class teaching, means that students will feel much more confident speaking English at a faster rate.

The Maltese Islands are also an extremely safe country, meaning that students can roam around one of the numerous sites or beaches with peace of mind for both the student, as well as their families back home.

For those that choose to study English in Malta, one of the added benefits is that you will benefit from a magical Mediterranean break, whilst also bettering your English levels. Live bands, music festivals, diving, and more, the Maltese Islands provide the ideal accompaniment for an educational holiday.

This is facilitated by the English language schools, that organise daily extra-curricular activities, whether at the beach or other fun locations around the island.

There’s a number of language schools around Malta and Gozo, and a full list of these schools can be found here.

When it comes to accommodation, English language students can choose to stay in accommodation organised by the school itself, to live with a Maltese family, or stay in one of the many hotels found all over the Maltese Islands. No matter what you are hoping to achieve from your English language trip, you will find it offered in Malta, coupled with extremely fun activities that will keep you busy and engaged!