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Travel requirements set by the  Government of Malta

The main official and most comprehensive source of information on the rules of entry to Malta during the period of Covid-19

These are the current travel requirements, which are continuously reviewed and updated. Travel requirements vary by country and may change at short notice.

Source: Government of Malta

Travel advise by Malta International Airport

Rules and conditions of entry to Malta as outlined by Malta Airport

The information in this source is regularly updated on the basis of official data and provides details of the current conditions of entry to Malta, presented in a convenient and well-structured way.

Source: Malta International Airport

Malta Visa

What is a visa? Schengen visa & National visa. Who requires a visa? Where to apply for a visa. Conditions for issuing a visa. Visa student application. Extention of stay in Malta. Relevant documets in support for a visa application.

The Central Visa Unit (CVU) is the government’s immigration central authority responsible for the implementation of national visa policies and the provisions under the Schengen acquis (as far as visa matters are concerned). The CVU is committed to facilitate the issuance of a visa to all those who have a valid reason to visit Malta.

Source: Central Visa Unit

Important Note

Attendance of face-to-face classes at language schools in Malta is possible only with a certificate of full vaccination. This requirement currently applies specifically to English language schools and does not apply to secondary or higher education institutions.

Last updated: 10.12.2021